Sky Night Lanterns

Today is my husbands Birthday.  Happy Birthday Babe!

I had an early surprise for my hubby’s birthday.  I had Sky Night Lanterns for all our guests at the end of dinner party last Saturday.  It was about 10 o’ clock, everyone had finished their desserts and my son Jacob and a server brought out the 24 lanterns and a hand full of lighters.  Jacob lit one as a demonstration and then I had to endeavor to get the group up, nothing like trying to get 22 people with full bellies moving.

But, once they were up and the lanterns were being lit and one was let loose into the night sky, that’s when everyone wanted to participate and they started getting jazzed.

They even sang a quick “Happy Birthday” as we released a few.

My boys brought one of these home last summer and I remembered about it a week before the party and ordered two batches from Amazon and had them on my doorstep the Thursday before the Dinner Party.

Sky lanterns are also known as Khoom Fay, Khoom Loy, Kung Ming, Sky Lanternen, Himmelslaternen, Fire Lanterns or UFO Balloons. They utilise the heat of fire to create a gas that allows the lanterns to rise into the sky.  They are fully biodegradable and are made out of rice paper, non-toxic wax and bamboo. They are fitted with non drip fuel cells, which were easy to light, they will burn for 5 to 10 minutes and can fly over a mile high!

It is also our friend Jeff’s birthday, so he got a Birthday shout out as well!  Here he is with his beautiful wife Connie.

It was great seeing everyone join in the fun and watching these beautiful lanterns float off into the night sky!  If you have a party coming up I would highly recommend trying these out, they were a huge hit!!

Here is the Birthday Boy letting his go!

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