Hi, I am Amy, and I am a confessed Food Snob and Photo addict!

During the day you can find me in my garden or kitchen, and most likely my camera won’t be far.  When I am not at home I like to head to the gym, or stretch out at hot yoga. I didn’t really start cooking and baking until I got married and I needed to feed my family! Once I started I realized I was pretty good at it and gained great satisfaction of taking their empty plates to the sink.

I usually get my recipes from magazines, internet, books and from restaurants.  I pick recipes strictly on what I think my family and I will enjoy. The one question people ALWAYS ask. “How I don’t weigh 500 pounds?”  The answer comes in two parts, I keep very active and I make a conscious effort to eat and live clean and healthy.

After my second son was born I decided I wanted to grow my own vegetables and put in my first garden.  We have moved a few times since then and I am now on my third garden.  Through trial and failure I have improved with each garden and learned a lot along the way. I find it SO rewarding to plant a seed in my green house watch it grow, care for it and eventually pick a vegetables from that plant that I will use to feed my family. Through this blog I hope I can inspire you to make a recipe or plant something in your garden that will make you the hero in your house tonight.

xo, Amy

P.S- I also have added bees and chickens to the mix.  I’ve discovered I am a terrible passable bee keeper, but getting better with help from my friend Liz and a decent chicken farmer.

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