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The Babies Have Moved Into the Big House!

The 10 little ladies have gotten so big, though dare I say it, I’m pretty sure their is a boy in the batch.  When you buy chicks from a hatchery you can pay extra to have the chicks sexed to make sure you end up with hens, the success rate of sexing day old chicks […]

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Chickens Home Sweet Home

I’m hosting a tour today through the home of the Backyard chicken gang that lives in my backyard. My chicken coop was built by Horizon Structures based out of Pennsylvania.  My coop is a 5 x 6′  that is built to hold 12-15 chickens, though with my chickens being free range it can hold 15-18. […]

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Food Forward: Urban Farming

Back in March I posted asking you to watch an upcoming Pilot that would be airing on PBS, Urban Farming. It aired on April 4th and I thought I would share it here with you.  It truly is worth watching, its educational, inspirational, inventive and smart, click link below to watch. Please! Urban Farming I […]

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