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Happy Father’s Day!

I hope all you Father’s out there have a wonderful Day! I will be grilling up some protein for my hubby!  He likes good grilled food.  My kind of man!  He choose to have ribs on his day.  I will be placing the ribs on a broiling pan, with the bottom of the pan filled […]

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My Trick to Really Moist BBQ Chicken

I love BBQ Chicken, but the chicken can end up as tough as jerky. My trick to ensure I get really moist BBQ is to pre-cook the chicken breasts on a broiling pan.  I place the chicken on the top rack and fill the bottom pan with water.  I season chicken with salt and pepper. […]

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Guest Blogger Today

My son who is in college wanted to be a guest blogger, representing a few recipes that the college folks could use.  You know the ones who are working with limited resources and a closet size kitchen.  Not like Mom’s kitchen. 🙂 Needless to say I was over the moon that he wanted to participate. […]

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