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Tuna Lemon-Aioli Bruschetta

Do you ever look at a dish you order in a restaurant and think that it would be too much trouble to recreate?  I do it.  If it looks like the work won’t be worth the reward I turn a cold shoulder to the dish and move on.  I saw this dish at one of […]

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Oak – Slime Flux | Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener

I read this article on line written by The Georgia Gardener and thought I would share.  If you have been  dealing with the awful summer heat like we have been here in Cincinnati then you have come across a host of problems in the garden.  Sometimes I am so worried about the veggies and flowers […]

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Colony Cycle of the Hive

Beekeeping follows seasonal cycles.   Last time Liz and I opened the hive, Liz gave me a quick tutorial on the seasons of the hive. Here in Cincinnati the yearly colony cycle can be broken into four seasons: Spring-build-up Late Spring & Early Summer– honey flow Late Summer-Dearth Fall– honey flow The flowering of plants […]

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