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Flinstone Pushup Martini

There is a local gourmet pizzeria that is in downtown Cincinnati that Jim and I head to sometimes on Friday night.  It’s in an area of downtown that until recently you didn’t want to head to unless you were looking for trouble, but thankfully investors have started putting money into the area and a group […]

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The Gold Rush

I just read a book where a bartender asked a girl if she liked girlie drinks or manly drinks.  I realized, I am a total girlie girl drinker.  He said girls that drink manly drinks have moxie.  I personally think I am a girl with a lot of moxie, so I needed a manly drink […]

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Sparkling Orangeade Cocktail

I discovered Efferve european sparkling juice and have fallen in love.  It is made with fresh juice, simple syrup and carbonation.  The perfect cocktail mixer!  There are several different flavors, Orangeade, Lemonade, and their new Pomegranate-Blueberry!  YUM!  Which ever you choose, add fresh fruit to your drink to up the pretty factor. You will have […]

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