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Drought and Our Trees

If you live in the United States you have most likely been fighting with this summers drought affects on your garden, yard and trees.  I have been watering relentlessly (I have the water bill to prove it) and at times I am not sure how effective it has been.  Its easy to water the perennial […]

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I Had a Pretty Fabulous Week!

This week has been pretty exciting for me. On Monday I was notified by Jessica at A Lot on Your Plate that I had won her Baking Competition with my Chocolate Shortbread Cookie tipped in Chocolate Recipe.  I was pretty thrilled!  I did a little fist pump!  She posted my recipe on her blog and […]

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Kindness Caused me to Fall in Love with the ‘Daylily’

My father has a friend that he knew through his work that as a child I knew as “Boots”.  I still to this day do not know his true name, because I have never heard him called or referred to as anything else. Though I have not seen him in years, my father still corresponds […]

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