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Seed Gathering Saving

I never thought to collect my own seeds until my sister showed me how.  It was years ago, she was in town visiting and we had decided to take the kids to a local amusement park.  The park had several beautiful flower beds with hundreds of perennial flowers in full bloom.  She saw a flower […]

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Fall Garden Planting & To Do List

Even though you may still be pulling the sprinklers around and gardening in the morning and evening to avoid the heat, its time to start thinking about our Fall vegetable gardens. Depending on where you live or what you want to grow, you may be able to plant seeds and transplants this month. Around here […]

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Making the Most of My Time in the Kitchen Garden

I’ve recently had a couple of people question the amount of time I spend in the garden. I thought about their questions and what I do do to work productively.  In the spring and early summer I do spend several hours each day with maintenance, staking, stringing and mostly weeding.  Which is something all gardeners […]

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