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The Effects Of Hot Weather On Your Garden

I like to order my seeds from a few different sources, one of them is JUNG SEEDS.  They sent out their newsletter last weekend and an article touched on the Hot Weather and its effects on our garden.  Since my garden really took a beating during the heat wave, I found the article really informative, […]

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Food Forward: Urban Farming

Back in March I posted asking you to watch an upcoming Pilot that would be airing on PBS, Urban Farming. It aired on April 4th and I thought I would share it here with you.  It truly is worth watching, its educational, inspirational, inventive and smart, click link below to watch. Please! Urban Farming I […]

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Frogs & Toads, a Gardeners Friendly Neighbor

We have a small decorative pond in our backyard and we also have a pool.  I usually am one of the last people to open my pool because every spring the frogs from our little pond go up and lay their eggs in the water that sits on our pool cover.  I will have thousands […]

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