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Grow your own Strawberries!

I added fifteen new Strawberry plants today to my Strawberry patch.  I love Strawberries!  They are a superfood and they go great with chocolate -whats not to love!! 🙂 They are super easy to grow and who wouldn’t love walking outside and having a beautiful Strawberry ready to be picked, picking it, and eating it!  Plus […]

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Why organic, cage free matters.

Having our own birds, I know how dirty they are and how important it is to keep the coop clean for their health.  My birds are only in their coop at night, so I can only imagine how disgusting a coop with 15,000 birds that live their full-time must be.  What goes in must come […]

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Bee hive in working order.

Bee hive was checked yesterday and the queen is laying.  However, they had no food, so they were fed some sugar-water. We are on our way to honey!! The Queen is the longer lady in the center of this picture, she has no black rings.  She is surrounded by her ladies in waiting (worker bees). […]

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