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Food safety | Homeland Security News Wire

Read this article on line this morning and thought it was worth sharing.  You can see the article on the Homeland Security News Wire  The federal government has come up with a new proposal to examine chickens for contaminates and diseases, and the proposal has some people concerned and others outright scared; the proposal would […]

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I’m A Recipe Guru! I Have The Badge To Prove it!

I am so excited!  I applied to Around The Plate an online nutritional community to be included as a Recipe Guru, and I got accepted!  YAY!!  My badge is on the right side of my page to prove it! 🙂 When I stumbled on Around the Plate I was smitten, I mean their title line “Live […]

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I Needed a New Favorite Cereal. Do You?

I was so bummed!  One of my favorite foods is cereal.  I don’t really have it for breakfast but it is one of my preferred late night snacks.  My go to cereal WAS Kashi’s Go-Lean Crunch Honey Almond-Flax.  I loved the taste, the healthy ingredients (or so I thought) and the added protein.  I knew that […]

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