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Garden’s Are Showing End of Season Blooms

Usually about this time, I am pretty fed up with the garden.  The blooms are fading and the produce is flowing, which means I am in the kitchen canning.  On top of it I usually dread the kids going back to school.  I know what your thinking… WHAT!   However, my boys are either out […]

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My Morning in the Kitchen Garden in Pictures

This morning the Fog was heavy and it made the garden so peaceful.  I took some pics and wanted to share.  The dew was showcasing the spiderwebs and making the plants glow green.  Foghorn was doing his morning jog around the garden letting his crows fly.  There were no bees or butterflies out this early […]

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All the seedlings are up!! Baby Tomato, Eggplant & Zinnias!

Asian Melon seeds were planted in pots today. I’m taking Mother Natures cue that winter is over and next week I am going to plant the first batch of lettuce, herbs, peas and Brussels sprout seeds directly in the garden. Pray for no more frost!!

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