Shasta Daisies Everywhere!

When we moved into this house there was a flower bed in the back that was in a shady part of the yard where a clump of Shasta Daisies grew and not very well!

That summer I put in a long Naturalizing bed where I could transplant existing plants, divisions and anything else that tickled my fancy.  One of the first additions to the bed were the Shasta’s.  I was so excited for them to have a better home where they could thrive and prosper.

OH did they ever prosper, the first few years they took over the bed, and I pulled half out and tried to find new places to plant them and I gave away clump after clump.  Now in the year 2012 I have no friends that want anymore and no more room.  So sadly starting early every spring, I compost Shasta’s.  I leave just enough of them to dazzle away the spring, but not enough to overtake the later blooming perennials.

I always cut back the spent blooms towards the end of June to keep the bed looking neat and tidy, but I must not be quick enough because the little buggers drop their seeds everywhere.

Shasta’s make great cut flowers because of their large-flowered heads and long strong stems.

They like the sun (obviously) but can tolerate some shade.  Their heads rotate and open towards where the sun is shining.  The grow anywhere from 6 to 36″ tall and their clumps are usually 18″ wide.  There are several different types, so make sure you check them all out to see which one will suit you and your garden best.  I have single bloomers, but the doubles are really impressive, blooming two rows of petals on each flower.  Also watch out to make sure you buy a variety that doesn’t need staking.  The last thing you want to do in spring when you are crazy busy in the garden is running around staking your Shasta’s so you can enjoy them.

Now is the time to plant Shasta’s.  Most garden centers carry container-grown varieties.  Space your plants bout 2′ apart.  You will need to divide every few years.  Deadheading is a must. (Obviously) 🙂

Fun Fact:

Joe Fox give Kathleen Kelly daisies when she is sick with a cold.

“I love daisies.  Don’t you think they are they’re the friendliest flower”

The movie You’ve Got Mail– one of my all time favorites!

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Author:Amy Stafford

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2 Comments on “Shasta Daisies Everywhere!”

  1. May 6, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    I adore Shasta Daisies! They are the happiest flower! Or, should I put it this way: daisies are the happiest flower, since there are so many varieties! But Shastas have always been a favorite of mine! Great article/post! Thanks for the ping back!

  2. May 6, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    Thanks for visiting!

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